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Etiquette Tips

The rules of etiquette and good manners for dealing with people with disabilities are generally the same as the rules for good etiquette in society. These guidelines address specific issues which frequently arise for people with disabilities in terms of those issues related to disability.

These "fact sheets" which outline basic etiquette for working with people with different kinds of disabilities. These should be regarded as general caveats of appropriate behavior. Since everyone is different, these guidelines only hold true for most individuals most of the time.
Ten Commandments of Etiquette for Communicating with People with Disabilities
People with Disabilities …General Interaction Tips
People with Developmental and Cognitive Disabilities
People with Physical Disabilities
People with Vision Loss
People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
People with Speech Impairments
People with Mental Illness
Tips for Guest Assistance
Removing Barriers: Tips and Strategies to Promote Accessible Communication

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