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Research Foundation & Fact Sheets

The UCP Research & Educational Foundation is the principal non-government agency in the USA sponsoring research directly related to the prevention of cerebral palsy and to improvement in the quality of life of persons with cerebral palsy and related developmental disorders. In its 45 year history, the Foundation has been instrumental in contributing to the elimination of two of the major causes of cerebral palsy: German Measles and maternal-child blood type incompatibility (Rh factor). The Foundation is now focusing its attention on the remaining major causes such as low birth weight, prematurity, infection, maternal - fetal immune system interaction, placental dysfunction and the effects of poor oxygenation of the developing brain. It also is exploring the development of improved methods for mobility, communication and the general well being of children, adults and the aged with cerebral palsy and related developmental disorders of the brain.

The Foundation's program supports the exploration of innovative ideas with funds for pilot research projects. It also supports the recruitment and training of professional personnel for careers in areas of importance to clinical care and clinical research relevant to cerebral palsy. The Foundation's program recognizes innovation, excellence and urgency.

Objectives for 2000-2005:

In the period 2000-2005, the Foundation expects to:

  • diminish the number of new cases of cerebral palsy by one third;
  • eliminate spasticity as a cause of disability;
  • provide guidelines for diminishing the effects of aging on people with disabilities due to cerebral palsy;
  • and help establish academic focal points in each region of the country for clinical research, professional and public education and related clinical services.

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