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For Employers

The ADA: Your Reponsibilities as an Employer
EEOC Issues Handbook to Help Small Businesses Comply with Disabilities Act
EEOC Initiates Talks with Small Businesses on Employment of Individuals with Disabilities
Online Manual on Employing People Who are Deaf
Tax Breaks Offered To Companies That Hire People With Disabilities
Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Employees with Disabilities
Do Employers Have a Duty to Rehire Disabled Employees? Law.com 11/14/01
Free Assistance on Workforce and Disability Issues for Employers and Customer Service Agents
TICKET TO HIRE: A Free National Referral Service to Assist Employers
ODEP Web Site Connects Employers and People With Disabilities
Work At Home/Telework as a Reasonable Accommodation
Presidential Task Force Releases New Report--Re-Charting the Course: Turning Points
ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG)
CARF Manual for 2001 Introduces Standards for Accreditation in Workforce Development Services
2000 N.O.D./Harris Survey of Americans with Disabilities
Microsoft Features Case Study Videos on Careers and Accessible Technology

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