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Delivery Services

Today's service industry is becoming increasingly customized. You would be surprised at what service-oriented companies are willing to do for your patronage. More and more companies are realizing that with over 54 million Americans with disabilities, who have money to spend, this is an untapped market, and this does not include their families and friends. The potential is incredible!

While some may see delivery services as extravagant or a luxury, for people with disabilities, these services can become essential, for it can help to create and maintain an independent lifestyle. Services that used to be thought of as unavailable or just limited to take out food are now available and are usually reasonably priced. You name the service--grocery and prescription delivery services, veterinarians that make house calls, massage therapists, acupuncturists, manicures and pedicures--you can probably find a company willing to bring it to your door. And the Internet is a great place to start looking for delivery services. Follow the Resources link to some delivery service companies we've found on the Internet.

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