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Your UCP: National October 01, 2003
Media & Public Awareness

Etiquette Tips

Tips for Guest Assistance

  • Check to see that the accessible path of travel from the parking space to all accessible features is unobstructed by construction, furniture, etc.

  • Be informed about your accessible rooms, make sure of details such as roll-in showers, bath benches, and inspect features regularly to be sure they are in good repair.

  • Assist persons with visual impairments to sign registration information by placing a card or signature guide along the line.

  • Allow persons with visual impairments to take your arm when assisting them to a new location.

  • Orient individuals to guest room features by detailed verbal instructions. If they continue to have difficulty, ask if they would like you to "show" them using their hands. Be sure to release their hands periodically so they can "explore" the lay-out of the feature. (Items they may want described include thermostats, lay-out of room, remote controls, hotel telephones, etc.)

  • If your hotel provides accommodations for persons who are deaf, such as a TTY machine. Make sure where the equipment is kept. Some hotels store them with maintenance facility location. (items may include doorbell lights, TTY devices, etc.) Know if your television can receive captioning and advertise this on your Web site.

  • Move obstructions that block the path of travel—re-evaluate as the hotel becomes more crowded.

  • Card keys should provide tactile information so the user who is blind can determine which end of the face of the card should be inserted into the lock.

  • Doorplates with raised numbers and Braille help guests find their rooms.

  • Guests who are blind may ask you to orient them to the exercise facility.

Provided by: The Texas Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities

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