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Your UCP: National October 03, 2003
Health & Wellness sponsored by:

Access to quality, affordable health care is of highest importance to individuals with disabilities and their families. Navigating the changing health care system can be challenging.

UCP is a voice for individuals with disabilities, their families, and providers in the debate to ensure quality access to care in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. UCP will continue to help shape the health policy debate and inform individuals of how to get and stay involved.
Medicare, Managed Care and AAC Devices
Medicare & You
The Importance of Medicaid to People with Disabilities: State-by-State Fact Sheets
What is Cerebral Palsy?
Children's Hospitals, Listing by State
Been Denied SSI? You Can Help
Comment on Surgeon General's Initiative on Mental Retardation
Decision Making and Appeals Process for Non-HMO Participants
It's Not An Asylum: Concern Rising Over Use Of Juvenile Prisons To 'Warehouse' The Mentally Ill NY Times
HHS Provides Written Guidance for HHS Providers To Ensure Language Assistance for Persons with Limited English Skills
healthfinder® and healthfinder® espagnol: Your Free Guide to Reliable Consumer Health & Human Services Information
Supplemental Security Income and the Family Law Attorney
UCP Endorses Grassley/Kennedy Bill to Expand Medicaid "Buy Ins" by Families of Children with Disabilities
Using State Insurance Laws to Advance the Cause of Assistive Technology
Work Incentives for Persons with Disabilities Under the Social Security and SSI Programs
State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies and Their Obligation to Maximize Employment
Out of Money, Out of Options for the Disabled WPost, 5/29/01
GlaxoSmithKline Launches Discount Drug Program
Pfizer to Provide Health Benefits to Low-Income Seniors Across America
Washington State Voters Approve Personal-Support Attendant Initiative
CARF Approved to Accredit Opioid Treatment Programs
Major Victory in the Fight for Greater Coverage of Assistive Technology
SCHIP Coverage for Prenatal Care
Many Obese Youth Have Condition That Precedes Type 2 Diabetes
Senator Clinton Lauds UCP Support for New Bill to Compile Data on CP and Other Disabilities
Medical Privacy: HHS Secretary Shalala Criticizes Bush Administration
HHS to Allow Feeding Assistants for Nursing Home Residents
HHS Awards $923 Million to Ensure Medical Care, Support Services and Prescription Drugs for People with HIV/AIDS
Medicare Coverage of Prescription Drugs Not Usually Self-Administered by the Patient
CMS Moderately Expands Medicare Coverage for Injected Drugs
Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Can Help Prevent or Delay Disability in Patients
U.S. Supreme Court Deals Blow to HMOs, CNN.com, 6/20/02
HHS Awards $25.6 Million to Train, Educate Providers Caring for People with HIV/AIDS
HHS Report Shows More American Children with Health Coverage
President Takes Action to Lower Prescription Drug Prices By Improving Access to Generic Drugs
Bush to Propose Changes in Medicare Plan, 1/3/03
20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors in Children
HHS Approves Alabama Program for Individuals with a Disability
Medicaid Recipients with Disabilities Benefit from Directing Their Own Personal Care Services, Study Finds
Medicare Announces Updated Rates for Long Term Care Hospitals, 6/2/03
Know Your Privacy Rights Under HIPAA
CMS Notice Regarding Medicare Limits on Therapy Services

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