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Your UCP: National September 03, 2003
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Discussion Group
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08.30.03questions on behavior problems with cp
08.23.03Learning Disability
08.17.03Please Help me
08.14.03Hi there! Beginning to turn Grumpy
08.13.03Shoulder Replacement
08.11.03potty trained but suddenly not going to bathroom
08.10.03CP & Asthma
08.03.03Living with CP
07.31.0315 yrold daughter mild CP neurological changes
07.29.0312 year old son with mild cp. but seems to be getting worse
07.12.03Cerebellar atrophy in an adult with spastic CP
07.10.03Kids nutrition
07.02.03CP and seizures
06.30.03Urgent--Fosamax, osteoporosis, and pregnancy
06.27.03possible mistreatment of CP pt
06.27.03MRI & CP
06.20.03Gastroentologist in fort myers who treats disabled adults.
06.13.03swollen legs
06.13.03Personal Trainer in DC
06.12.03emotional problem
06.06.03Mild CP getting worse - need some advice!
05.28.03Hamstring Release
05.26.03Incontinence - how often to change - health law?
05.26.03CP - spastic Quad--impacted stools/bowel
05.22.03Doman-Delacato program for brain injured children
05.13.03FDA Warning re: Fatalities with Baclofen Withdrawal
05.02.03C.P. and spastic muscle movements-Botox?
04.18.03Any information would be helpful
04.17.03Does anyone know of Exercises for Hemplegia
04.03.03Legal Help, what are the rights??
04.02.03Stroke Victims/Educate and Inform
03.29.03acerca de si estos ninos pueden algun dia caminar ya que mi hija no camina, no se sienta, no hace nada
03.26.03potty training with cp
03.25.03Does anyone know of any doctor that deal with Hemipegia for adult?
03.24.03I need help for my 49 year old brother.
03.17.03Chest and arm pain
03.15.03Femural Derotation Osteotomy
03.11.03CP and Reflux (GERD)
03.11.03Searching for surgeons in the Midwest
03.11.03Home Healthcare services
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