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Your UCP: National September 03, 2003
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swimming lessons for a child with CP
Tony Bobrov (pigdogusa@yahoo.com)
I am a lifegaurd at our pool. I teach swimming lessons and i have a student at the end of the day that I work with one on one. His name is Louiz and he has CP, I am not very familiar with the dissability but i know that he cannot speak, he doesnt have control of his head movements up and down and he cannot move his arms or legs to do any kind of stroke. I am posting here because I am at a loss of things to try to teach this young man. he is very energetic and loves the water, the only trouble is that the only thing he can do is float on his back because if i put him on his front he swallows water and cannot pick his head up. If anyone knows anything that I might be able to teach Louiz or at least help him in any way, I would greately appreciate it. If anyone knows any web sites with water excersises we can do or sometehing please email them or post them for me i am really in need of help. Thank you
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Swimming lessons
Holly Shotzman (hjk@centurytel.net)
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