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Your UCP: National September 03, 2003
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Discussion Group
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Parent message:
What qualities are most important in a PT?
Katie LeClere (acrobrat@beamingsun.com)
Current message:
PT selection
Amy Callahan (amycot@sbcglobal.net)
Oh my, How interesting that you post that question now. I have been in a funk for 2 years that I just can't find service providers that are a good fit for me specifically PT/OT--that I can keep. If I find a good one, they inevitably move or the clinic ends up being just too far. I should also tell you I am an OT, soooo that makes me that much pickier and (I am sure one or two providers have termed me overbearing--imagine). Now that you are armed w/ that information....I want providers that are knowlegable. They need to continuously be conquering new ground in continuing ed. I like t see research based practice. I want a provider who is well rounded. Not all SI, or NDT, or MFR or whatever, but a good mix. I want a provider who listens to me make my unending suggestions and plethora of questions. I want someone who will provide a strong, but realistic home program, and includes me in the session. Not all providers do that--imagine that. I want a clinic that gives adequate funding for their pediatric areas and equipment. We currently are at an ortho clinic that has a small peds 'room'. Finally, but equally as important as all above, we need providers who can play with children, distract, love, and push the envelope when needed. I am sure I will think of more. Do I ask for too much? I hope this helps. Honest, I am not a b****. I have a lot of anxiety about providing the best I can for my little princes. Perhaps someday I will just chill, until then I will be looking!
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