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Your UCP: National September 03, 2003
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Parent message:
Need more ideas-Arms are very weak! - Thanks.
kathy Webster (webster.kathy@ensco.com)
Current message:
Arm Exercises
DeLaine Moodie (delaine.moodie@verizon.net)
Hello Kathy, My name is DeLaine and my husband, Alex, has CP that affect the right side of his body. His right arm is most severely affected by the CP. His right vision is very poor and he has a very minimal limp in his right leg, but he is the perfect man. I love him dearly. He is 44 years old now and we are attempting to find information about how he can do exersizes on his right side, but specifically for his right arm. He has very limited use of it. What I would like to suggest is that you play a movement game with your son. Such has "Reach High" and as you say it stretch his arms up over his head. and try to do this with 5 - 10 repitions in a series of 3 sets. Try "Clapp, Clapp Clapp" where you take his hands with his arms straight out and clapp them together 5 - 10 times in a series of 3 sets. You can try "My Hands on YOurs" and "Your Hands on Mine" this is more of a resistence type exersize, but it will give stregth too. You may need another person for this one at first if your sons arms are really weak. Put your hands out, palms up and have his hands placed palms down on top of yours and have him push down on your palms while you push upwards with a bit of resistence. Then have his palms face up and you push down while he pushes up with resistence. Try to get him to give you resistence to the push upwards and downwards. try to have him hold the push at least 5 - 10 seconds in a series of 3 sets at first and increase the push time as he gets stronger. At first this one may be difficult if he is weak, but don't give up, you will begin to see results. If you can find a bar or cut off a broom stick to about 2 feet long and have your son hold the bar out even to his body and lift it to his chest as he bends his elbows, sort of like a weighlifting move, this will also help with his strenght and after a while you can add some weight like putting round weighted balls on each end or go to a sporting goods store and see what they may have. Do these 5 - 10 times in a series of three sets. You can eventually increase the repitions to 15 for a series of 3 sets on each exersize. Persistence is the key and be consistent. He needs to build up the muscles from scratch so movement is the key here. You can worry about adding some sort of weight to the exersizes after he shows a distinct difference in his muscle tone. Above all remember he is on
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