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Your UCP: National September 03, 2003
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Discussion Group
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Parent message:
my daughter's school
Celeste Parker (little.momma5@verizon.net)
Current message:
school trouble too
Michelle Polston (mr.cj@daviscomp.com)
my son will be going into the 4th grade this year. Last year was terriable! He has mild cp and learning disabilities, also developmental delay. He is in resource about half the day the other half in regular classroom, he learns how to act like a 10 yr. old by being around others his age. I have had trouble with regular classroom teachers not allowing him to join in class activities. Last year was bad! I was constantly at the school or on the phone with principle. I have learned you have to fight for every right for your child. He would come home and tell me his teacher was mean to him, not physically but mentally I know. In his IEP it states he is to be included in all class activities that they do as a group, last years teacher would send him to the resource teacher with him knowing they were doing something he wanted to participate in and come home crying. The resource teacher is very good with him and she would help me a lot and stand up for him. I am hoping this year will be better, his teacher this year has a nephew with downs and she is a registered nurse, I have heard good things about her. I think the principle got tired of hearing from me last year, we were on a first name bases, she knows I'm not putting up with anymore crap this year. I guess my advice would be to stay in constant touch with the teacher and principle, try to be friendly but be firm and let them know, our kids matter too! The more involved you are the more you know, but there will always be that one teacher who is ignorant of special needs children.
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