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Your UCP: National September 03, 2003
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Parent message:
child abuse in schools
Current message:
my daughter's school
Celeste Parker (little.momma5@verizon.net)
I'm not sure about reporting abuse by state. What kind of abuse are you talking about. My daughter started kindergarden this year and i had an awful time with the school. My daughter has mild-moderate cp. She has no learning disability but the school did not want to put her in regular classes. After I refused to give permission for her to be in their resource room full time they spend all their time trying to find reason for her not to be in the regular kindergarden. Finally I went to the superintendent complained and had her placed in a diffrent school ever since then it has been a wonderful the new school was perfect and very nice. I wonder how many other people have problems with their school.
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school trouble too
Michelle Polston (mr.cj@daviscomp.com)
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