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Your UCP: National September 03, 2003
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Ideas Please - to exercise arms and torso
kathy Webster (webster.kathy@ensco.com)
My 2-1/2 year old son has moderate mixed (quad)spastic/athetoid CP. I am looking for some kind of exercise or machine to help strengthen his should girdle,arms and torso. His arms and shoulders are tight (spastic) and his torso is floppy. (Ex: we have a gait trainer that has really enhanced the muscles in his legs. It supports his torso and he leaves his arms at the sides. We try to velcro his hands to the bars and he gets mad.) But I am looking for something that would exercise his arms and torso. For now I get him tummy down on a big skateboard with a pillow for his head. Strap him around the butt and move his arms on the floor to assimilate crawling. I also take his hands and push them on the wall so he'll go bakwards. also we watch videos on an inclime and try to get him to push up on his hands and keep his arms straight. is this all in vain? Is there anything else? He hates all these and screams. We are working with a PT. We do try to roll. HELP! thanks.
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Need more ideas-Arms are very weak! - Thanks.
kathy Webster (webster.kathy@ensco.com)
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