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Your UCP: National September 03, 2003
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Discussion Group
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Parent message:
My 7 mos old just got diagnosed..some questions
casey mazzio (cmazzio@stis.net)
Current message:
Try to stay positive
Michelle Hiatt (owenNmom@aol.com)
I have a 14 month old with CP. He also cannot sit so in the bath tub I have a baby bath sponge and I run a little water in the bottom of the tub and lay him in the water. He loves it! The grocery store is hard. Sometimes I still use the carts with the baby seat on them. But, I have started strapping him in with the strap in the cart and making him work at holding himself up. Alot of times I have to put my purse next to him because he tends to fall to the side. If you want to talk feel free to e-mail me at anytime I would be happy to talk. Or if you want to talk in person e-mail me your phone #. It is hard, do the best you can! Everyday is worth it!
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