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Your UCP: National September 03, 2003
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Parent message:
Belinda van de Loo (auntielindyloo@yahoo.com)
Current message:
This is an awesome surgery!
Christine Brown (brown4@dewittec.net)
Hi, My daughter had this surgery last may in St. Louis. It is the best thing we have ever done for her. She is just doing wonderfully. She was 6 yrs old when she had the surgery. I do know that Dr. Park gets the best results on children ages 2-6, because at that age, the body can bounce back from surgery easier and they can see greater strides in retraining the legs after the spasticity is totally gone. I know that they have done the surgery on people through their 30's though with good results. My daughter has spastic diplegia and before surgery was very tight in her legs and walked slowly using a walker. We had tried Botox with her and had very good results. I found out about the surgery and did a lot of research. St. Louis is the only place in the world that is performing it with a huge success rate. Please feel free to email me with any questions. I can also direct you to a board where there are quite a few other parents of kids with CP who have had the surgery. http.//boards2.parentsplace.com/messages/get/ppcerebralpalsy48.html Please let me know if the link doesn't work and I will try to repost it.
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Spastic Diplegia
Sherri Little (sherdaisy@aol.com)
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