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Your UCP: National September 01, 2003
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Parent message:
Help w/research on Hospitals performing Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy
Kirsten Parr-Matthews (dbkirsten@aol.com)
Current message:
i wish i could be unbiased
Christine Brown (brown4@dewittec.net)
I can't tell you how long we struggled to make the decision to do the SDR surgery for my daughter who is now 7. Unfortunately when she can reach an age to decide for herself...is when it is least effective for her body. All the studies say it works best on kids between the ages of 2 and 6 for best results. So I applaud you on researching that tough decision. That said, I would not go anywhere but St. Louis. Dr. Park is at the forefront of Cerebral Palsy research and it is the best hands down....and I had all of my daughters doctors in Dallas at Scottish rites telling me not to do the surgery at all. So we chose to do it against the advice of Orthopedic surgeons and Neurologists. I would meet with the Dr.Park in St. Louis for the analysis for your daughter and tour the hospital in person and ask the questions you need to ask. We came armed with two typed pages full of questions, which were all answered to my satisfaction. It is now 7 Months since my daughter had the surgery and it is the best thing we have evr done for her. she went from a child who walked slowly in her walker with very little balance, and now she is working in wrist crutches and has so much coordination and still getting stronger everyday. It is Awesome!!! I strongly urge all parents of spastic diplegia kids to consider this surgery and go to St. Louis. By the way...I read studies and looked for other dr.'s nearer to us, Dr. Park is the best in the world and has patients world-wide go to him. he has written most of the research on the subject and revolutionized what was once an archaic surgery no one would perform. Hope all this helps. and Good Luck!
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Thanks for your quick response
Kirsten Parr-Matthews (dbkirsten@aol.com)
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