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Your UCP: National October 13, 2003
Health & Wellness

General Information

Michael York to Host Emmy Award Winning PBS Television Special and Series Beyond Adversity

International actor and author, Michael York, will be hosting a one hour television magazine special entitled: DISABILITIES & POSSIBILITIES BEYOND ADVERSITY. To be offered nationally, the program will be produced by WJCT, the PBS facility in Jacksonville, Florida.

Produced by Emmy Award winning creator, Christine Sequenzia, the special and subsequent series will feature positive examples of persons with disabilities - physical, developmental and hidden. Sequenzia, President of the Possibilities Foundation, a Florida not-for-profit corporation, stresses that the main focus of the special is to discover what's working and the triumph over adversity. An Emmy Award winner in the Public Affairs Series category, the original series was broadcast throughout the state of Florida on PBS affiliates and over numerous cable systems.

After conducting national surveys confirming that the public was finally ready to absorb this type of subject matter, Sequenzia has written this PBS special as a prelude to a national series consisting of 13 one-hour programs. Each program will consist of stories from around the United States and numerous foreign sources.

York will help to emphasize the fact that everyone knows someone with a disability who can identify with some of the stories to be told during the special and program series. And that the strength of the shows is in their ability to capture the human spirit and relay that information to the viewers in a very positive and provocative way.

Disabilities & Possibilities Television News Magazine, the production arm of the Possibilities Foundation, Inc. is extremely pleased with Michael York's commitment to host these programs.

All production and post-production activities will take place at WJCT, the PBS facility in Jacksonville, Florida, under the direction of Michael Boylan, WJCT'S President and CEO. Distribution and air dates for this series will be released in coming weeks. For more information on national program sponsorship or underwriting opportunities, contact Christine Sequenzia, Executive Producer, Possibilities Foundation, 14895 NE 20th Ave, North Miami, Florida 33181, or e-mail at: disposs@aol.com.

Contact: MJ Quinn
(305) 956-5711 voice
(305) 956-3588 fax
e-mail: dispossMJ@aol.com

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