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Your UCP: National September 01, 2003
Sports & Leisure

Sports & Team Games


Wheelchair hockey players.Hockey is a competitive team sport in which players attempt to maneuver a ball or puck past their opponents and into a goal. The goal is defended by a specially designated and equipped player, the goalkeeper or goalie. Wheelchair hockey, floor hockey, electric wheelchair hockey, sled hockey and hockey for the visually impaired are modified versions of hockey which offer individuals with disabilities a chance to participate. Playing hockey offers an exciting and aggressive activity to a variety of individuals with disabilities.

Sled Hockey

    Sled hockey players.
  • A maximum of 15 players, including 2 goaltenders will make a team, but only 12 can dress for each game.
  • There are minimum disability requirements for each player. Sled hockey is played on a standard hockey rink with regulation goals and there are no rule modifications.
  • There are 6 categories of penalties that can be given at any time; before, during and after the game.
  • There are 3 equal playing periods called STOP-TIME periods in each game.
  • If the game is tied at the end, one 10-minute STOP-TIME overtime period is played. However, the game automatically ends when the first goal is scored.
  • For more information, contact the United States Sled Hockey Association (USSHA).
  • Picture of pick with sharp metal teeth on ends. The sled is made up of a metal frame that sits on two skate blades and a runner.
  • Straps are used to secure the players' feet, ankles, knees and hips to the sled.
  • Sticks called "picks" are used to propel the sled across the ice and have sharp metal teeth on the ends.

Floor Hockey

    Picture of persons using wheelchair for mobility playing floor hockey in a gym.
  • Floor hockey is a very popular recreational, competitive, and physical education activity. It is an official sport of Special Olympics International (SOI).
  • Competition consists of 6-on-6 with eleven players per team. Games consist of three 9-minute periods.
  • The hockey puck is a circular felt disc with a center hole. For more information, contact Special Olympics International (SOI).

Hockey for the Hearing Impaired

  • The American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association (AHIHA) is affiliated with the USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF).
  • Instruction and competition are offered through the Stan Makita Hockey School for the Hearing Impaired.
  • For more information, contact the American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association (AHIHA).
  • The number of players on each team is determined relative to the size of the playing field.
  • The game can be played on an ice rink or on an indoor or outdoor court.
  • A hard plasticball is used instead of a puck and "icing" is disregarded.

Hockey Played in Powered Wheelchairs

  • Also known as Power Hockey, this sport is for individuals who use a power wheelchair.
  • The rules follow the basic rules of hockey. Five players per team play in a gymnasium and use plastic field hockey sticks and a 3" plastic ball.
  • For more information, contact the United States Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association (USEWHA).

Ice Hockey for the Visually Impaired

    Picture of a person playing hockey in a power wheelchair.
  • Hockey for individuals with visual impairments follows the same rules and regulations as ice hockey.
  • The puck emits a noise so the players can follow it by sound rather than sight.
  • The puck is made of metal and is filled with ball bearings.
  • For more information, contact the Western Association of Persons with Vision Impairment (WAPVI).

Equipment for Adapted Hockey

Sled Hockey
Hall's Wheels, (617)628-7955

Action Top End, (813)522-8677

Unique Inventions, (888)886-0881

Floor Hockey
Flaghouse, (800)793-7900

Sportime, (800)283-5700

Wolverine Sports, (800)521-2832

Hockey Wheelchairs
Colours by Permobil, (800)892-8998

For Further Information
See keywords: sled hockey, sled hockey equipment, ice hockey, floor hockey, wheelchair hockey, and hockey.

AHIHA, (312)829-2250

USSHA, (612)881-2129

Sledge Hockey of Canada, (888)857-8555

SOI, (202)628-3630

USEWHA, (612)535-4736

WAPVI, (604)433-4937

The information provided here is offered as a service only. The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability, University of Illinois at Chicago, the National Center on Accessibility, and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago do not formally recommend or endorse the equipment listed. As with any products or services, consumers should investigate and determine on their own which equipment best fits their needs and budget.

Source: NCPAD

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