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Your UCP: Central Arkansas September 19, 2003

Adequate housing is a major issue for many Americans. Finding a place to live that meets one's needs, is in a suitable location and is affordable are problems for everyone. But people with disabilities face additional problems including accessibility and discrimination.

Through technology and advances in design, we now know how to design and build housing that can accommodate residents and visitors with disabilities. Architectural and related guidelines dealing with ramps, doorways, bathrooms, cabinetry and other features allow people with mobility impairments and other physical disabilities to have full access to and to function independently within modern housing. Lifts and other devices enable people to move about their homes. Computerized environmental control units allow for the operation of devices and appliances ranging from doors to kitchen stoves. And coordinated use of assistive technology and personal assistants result in levels of personal autonomy and independence undreamed of only a few years ago.

The links within this section will point you toward a wealth and variety of informational, technical, funding, legal and other resources to assist with housing issues.

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Independent Living's Real Costs, Washington Post, 1/28/03


Important Housing Information Vouchers for Homeownership In 11 States

President Proposes$1.75 Billion Program to Help Transition Americans with Disabilities from Institutions to Community Living

What is Universal Design?

Updated Information Available on the Housing Rights of People with Disabilities, 2003

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